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REVERSE AirCon Bremsbelagsystem > Magura MT2/4/6/8 AirCon Brakepad System > Magura MT 2/4/6/8
Compatibility Magura: MT 2 /4 /6 / 8 With our AirCon Brakepad System you will be able to install cooling fins to your brake. The fins are not attached to the pad, so that you can reuse the fins and produce less waste. Apart from the cool...
€19.99 *
REVERSE Disc E-Organic Belag für Magura MT2 &4-6-8 E-Organic pad > Magura MT2/4/6/8
Compatibility Magura: MT 2/ 4/ 6/ 8 Features Weight: 20g (set) Material Steel back plate and organic pad Color Green Our organic brake pads offer: - less vibrations - high amount of Kevlar for better heat resistence - longer lifespan
€19.90 *
REVERSE Organischer Belag > Magura MT5/MT7 Organic pad > Magura MT 7
Compatibility Magura: MT7 /MT7 HC /MT7 PRO /MT5 eStop /MT Trail SL (front) /MT 1893 Material Steel back plate and organic pad Weight: 19g Scope of delivery 4 Brake pads Our organic brake pads offer: - Long life - Very good cold braking...
€16.90 *
REVERSE Organischer Belag > Magura Marta/Louise Organic pad > Magura Marta/Louise
Compatibility Magura: Louise ab 2007/ Louise BAT/ Marta 2009 / Marta SL/ Marta FR/ Julie HP ab 2009/ Carbon 2008/ Brakeforceone BFO 1/ Brakeforceone H20/ Brakeforceone Kill Hill Material Steel back plate and organic pad Weight: 20g Color...
€13.90 *
REVERSE AirCon organischer Belag > AirCon organic pad > Magura MT 2/4/6/8
Compatibility: Only with our AirCon Cooling Fins! Magura: MT 2 /4 /6 / 8 Our AirCon Replacement Pads are suitable for our AirCon Cooling Fins and are made with an extremely thin alloy backplate to fit in the caliper. No need to buy...
€12.90 *