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REVERSE Lefty Supermax Nabe EVO-10 Disc VR 32H EVO-10 Lefty Supermax Disc FR 32H
We built this hub for all owners of the Lefty Supermax fork. Should the Cannondale hub be worn or damaged, it will be very difficult to find a replacement. But the search comes to an end with our EVO-10 Supermax hub. Two multi-sealed...
€149.90 *
EVO-10 Boost Disc FR 32H 110/15mm EVO-10 Boost Disc FR 32H 110/15mm
The Boost Standard has become indispensable in modern bicycle technology. It can now no longer be called new, because a variety and frames and forks are delivered today with this standard. The 2 multi-sealed industrial bearings guarantee...
From €99.90 *