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Twister Lower Cup 1.5-11/8 (ZS56|30+40) Twister Lower Cup 1.5-11/8 (ZS56|30+40)
Lower cup for 1.5" head tubes (ZS56) in cinjunction with 1 1/8" or 1.5" fork steerers. Note! For this article, you need to purchase the appropriate crown race ring separately: Crown race ring 1.5" for 1.5"...
€49.95 *
REVERSE Steuersatz Base Unterteil Ø56mm 1.5" Base Lower Cup 1.5 (ZS56|30+40) Black
Our BASE HEADSET SERIES are made to be strong, precise and reliable - suitable for demands of aggressive riding. Long lasting industrial bearingscoupled with multiple seals equal a headset that will keep running smoothly through summer...
€29.90 *