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Compatibility Avid Juicy Ultimate/Juicy 3,5,7 /Juicy carbon/BB7 series, Promax DSK-905... more
Product information "Organic pad > Avid Juicy 3,5,7/Ultimate BB7"

Avid Juicy Ultimate/Juicy 3,5,7 /Juicy carbon/BB7 series, Promax DSK-905

Steel back plate and organic pad
Weight: 22g


Our organic brake pads offer:
- Long life
- Very good cold braking performance
- Very good braking performance on cold, dryness or wetness
- Optimal braking and long life in the mid-temperature range
- Low noise
- Creates possibly the remedy at disturbing brake noise
- Asbestos free

Our sintered metal pads offer:
(Sintered metal pads are not provided for all Brake Models)
- Long life
- Very good braking performance at very high temperatures and high-speed
- Consistent Braking at high continuous loading
- Optimal braking action and long life at very high temperatures
- Very good braking performance in dry or wet conditions
- Asbestos free

Recommendation and information on the application range of different REVERSE brake pad types:
What is to be used - sintered metal or organic brake pads?

REVERSE Components brake pads are perfectly suited for all biker of Tour / XC to DH!

The REVERSE Organic brake lining unfolds the full braking force already in the cold state. In extreme range at high temperatures with constant load, the wear is slightly larger.

Sintered metal pads have their full braking force in the middle to high temperature range and are therefore somewhat more durable under extreme loads. When cold, the sintered metal pads are a little less "snappy" as an Organic brake pad. But only briefly in the beginning with the first 1-2 braking maneuvers. Then the pad is at operating temperature. However, it does not mean that a cold sintered metal brake pad brakes bad! But a small difference is noticeable!

Conclusion: In most cases, 80% of drivers with the Organic brake pads are perfectly equipped, because the price / performance and braking behavior. Furthermore, Organic suitable coverings to in brake systems with brake disturbing noises (squealing or stutter) any remedy. Furthermore, organic brake pads can reduce disturbing brake noise (squeak or stutter) in brake systems.

For drivers who often within the extreme range of the braking load are the sintered metal models a way to increase the long life!