Useful hints

You can quickly and easily repeat previous orders
To do so, you can select the "Repeat Order" link in "My Account" / "Orders" and restore your last basket. It is also possible to add new items or delete items. With this function you can quickly and easily add previously ordered items to a new shopping cart to restock your shop.

The fast purchase option
To order products with variants (for example color) more quickly and easily, we have integrated a new function for you. In the case of these products, you will find a detailed list below which the variants are listed individually, below the variant images or the "Add to Cart" button. If you would like to order more than one product variant, you can enter the desired quantity to the right of each. When you click on the "Add to Cart" button below the list, it will be added to the shopping cart.

Product presentation in the B2B shop with display of the retail prices
If you want to browse products with a customer in our B2B-Shop and do not want to show your base price, simply access the B2B site without being logged in to your account. The standard UK RRP prices are then displayed. Simply place the items the customer wants in the shopping cart and after the customer has finished, you can log in to the shop with your user data and make the order.
Wishlist Function
Alternatively, you can use the new "Wishlist" function. To "remember" products to save for later, click on the same word below the "Add to Cart" icon. You can see the items in the upper section to the left of the "My Account" button (heart symbol). To order an product in the Wishlist, you have to add it to the shopping cart in a second step. This function is great if you discover a product which is interesting for you which you want to order later.
Enjoy browsing!