- 0.5°Angle Spacer 1 1/8"

REVERSE Angle Spacer 1 1/8"
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With the Angle-Space r for 1 1/8" forks, you can fine tune and modernise the geometry of your... more
Product information "- 0.5°Angle Spacer 1 1/8""

With the Angle-Spacer for 1 1/8" forks, you can fine tune and modernise the geometry of your bike.

This simple spacer allows you to make the steering angle half a degree (- 0.5°) slacker, enabling you to get even more performance out of the bike on steep and gnarly descents.
The spacer replaces the conventional crown race and is mounted between the fork crown and headset.
The Angle-Spacer can be used with any headset with 45° ball bearings. (45° ball bearings are installed in 95% of all bikes).

To use the Angle Spacer, simply take the fork out of the frame and then remove the existing crown race from the fork crown.
The Angle-Spacer is mounted directly above the fork crown where the old fork Crown Race was previously located.

The use of the Angle-Spacer does not change the stability and stiffness of the fork in any way.
This results in a more modern geometry, providing a more stable ride at high speeds and on the steep stuff!

- Assembly height: 10 mm
- Weight: 33.8 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Outside diameter Ø: 51.0mm
- Inner diameter 1 1/8"
- Material: Aluminium

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